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Spike's court

(Autor blogu: Erna)

Spike's Court....

He was my first Dutch greyhound from a Dutch track. I adopted him as a one year old, very neglected boy( In 1995) He was with me for 13 years.  This name is a tribute to him. He was a beautiful little Sand  Man.

5) Another black beauty to come !!

I have made my decision for adopting a wonderful black beauty from Ireland. I had noticed her for quite a while. Lucky and her colleques are busy  with making all the arrangements needed for this adoption. At the end of june she will arrive in…
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4) bez nadpisu

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3) Zero shifts today :) !

Each day starts early in the morning Because Eefje and Joey Think That time is 6.30 AM to get up. They are sleeping Downstairs, Rosie, my young Dutch girl, sleeps at night close to me on my bed. I take my pillow and duvet and go downstairs :…
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2) My Dutch greyhound house

My first Greyhound experience started in 1994 When I encountered a beautiful greyhound in Dutch shelter. I Fell in love with this breed the moment I saw this dog. She was found wandering and was Used for Illegal Hunting. Because of cats at my home I…
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1) My hounds and my morning -and evening shifts

Yes ... THERE ARE times and I Have to go to work. I work as a nurse in people's homes. Sometimes There Is a babysitter for my kids at home, But WE OFTEN houds HAS to stay at home alone, or better said, in eachother's company. 4 hours away from home…
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